Fuelling a Hockey Dream

Strength, Victory & Force on the Blue Line

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For anyone who has ever had a dream.

Everyone should get the chance and opportunity to play the sport they love at the level they want. However not everyone has the funds to do so. Totally Offside is a charitable clothing company where the funds go towards athletes who need them.

I created Totally Offside when I was 16 years old and didn't have the money to attend Athol Murray College of Notre, the most famous hockey school in the world, and play for their Junior Woman's team, one of the best U19 teams in North America. My family tried everything to get the funds for me to go, however in the end they simply couldn't get it. Totally Offside helped me come up with the money to go and made my dream of playing the best hockey I could come true.

Now that totally Offside helped me, it is here to provide the funds for athletes with the same dreams that I had, to play the sport they love. Every athletes deserves the opportunity to go as far in their sport as they want. No athlete should have to turn down opportunities for them to strengthen their level and love for their sport.

Please help support athletes by purchasing a piece of Totally Offside apparel.

Strength, Victory & Force on the blue line.


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